Perfecta Mattress Care Tips

You may be very excited about your new mattress but don’t forget that a good mattress
will require regular upkeep to ensure that the new mattress will remain in a good condition over its lifespan: -

Avoid bending your mattress as such action may damage the innerspring unit.

Avoid sitting, standing or jumping on your mattress, as it may not support the weight concentration of such action. Children should avoid jumping on the mattress as this action may cause the mattress surface layer to compressed down.

Always be careful not to spill any liquid or drinks on your mattress. For protection, we recommend to use a waterproof mattress protector together with your bedsheet cover for a new mattress. Wash your bedsheet regularly for good hygiene practice.

For a brand-new mattress, it is recommended to rotate the mattress monthly for the first 2 months and subsequently every 6 months to even out the compression on the mattress surface. Body impression will form on the mattress surface within 1.5 inch and this is perfectly normal for a new mattress.

Handle your mattress with care by carrying it flat or on its side. If you need to move your mattress it is recommended for two persons to carry the mattress.

Vacuuming is the only recommended way to clean your mattress. In addition, you can also engage professional mattress cleaner if there is a need to do so.

Do use a new divan box for your new mattress. Old divan box tends to lose its strength and support. A flat surface bed type is recommended for all mattress.

Do allow some time to air your new mattress. New mattress may have a smell and this is perfectly normal. The smell in most cases will take 3 – 6 weeks to dissolved naturally.

Bed bugs are derived from the external environment. If you had been travelling you will need to be careful when bringing home your travelling bags as bed bugs could hitch a ride in your bags and clothing. Seek professional help early when there is sign of bed bugs.

If you have any concern on your new mattress you may write to us at

Thank you.